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National Volunteer Week – Umpires Committee, ZUICs, Zone Staff

It’s one of the most important weeks of the year for Softball Ontario, National Volunteer Week! This week (and every week!) we celebrate our incredible, selfless and dedicated volunteers who are the backbone of our programs!

Today we’d like to thank our tremendous Umpires Committee, Zone Umpire-in-Chief’s, and the Zone staff, that are responsible for developing some of the top Umpires in the country as well as assigning tournaments all accross the Province!

Softball Ontario has produced some of the most experienced, disciplined and well-respected Umpires known throughout the world. Ontario Umpires continue to represent our program Nationally and Internationally in a very professional manner. The Umpires of Ontario should be proud of that fact.

Ontario Umpires strive to be the best, due to the support and dedication that Softball Ontario has had from the Umpire’s Committee (past and present). You have nine (9) dedicated hard working individuals working for you at the Committee level, doing things like:

  • Continuing to review and develop new innovative clinics – beyond the Softball Canada Certification program
  • Trains clinic instructors and on field evaluators to insure that they provide you the umpire with the best service possible
  • Insures the delivery of the Softball Canada Certification clinic program
  • Developed, maintaining and delivery of the Junior Development Program
  • Provides Rule Interpretations
  • Attends Provincial (Member Association’s) and National (Softball Canada) Annual General Meetings Representing the Ontario Umpires
  • Recruits, Assigns and Trains Zone Representatives to assist you all year long (including, instructing at your clinics, UICing at your tournaments, and evaluating you at your games.) Appoints Umpires to annual elite Provincial Grand Championships, Provincials and Elimination Tournaments
  • Appoints umpires to annual Canadian Championships Ensures UIC’s are appointed for all Regional, and Provincial Tournaments
  • Develops Educational resources for Umpires (including articles in the E-News)
  • Develops the Umpires’ Program Budget
  • Develops programs policies and procedures

In addition to the Umpires committee each discipline has Zone Umpire-In-Chief’s (ZUICs) who are the representatives from each zone. The ZUICs and the Zone Staff are the frontline volunteers for the program and are essential for the running of clinics!

Thank you again to our outstanding Umpires Committee (Fastpitch, Slo-Pitch), ZUICs and Zone staff for all your hard work!