Learn to Play

Softball Ontario is encouraging softball associations across Ontario to adopt the Timbits Softball developed by Softball Canada and provincial softball associations throughout the country. Timbits Softball, along with BlastBall, is a great way to make the beginner levels of softball more fun and active for all participants.

What is the Timbits Softball Program?

Timbits Softball is a revolutionary way of introducing the sport of softball to children. Activities are included which foster the involvement of all players, including players with high and low skill levels.

Timbits Softball uses activities and lead-up games that are patterned after informal playground games that promise FUN and LOTS OF ACTION. Participants will go home at the end of the night happy and tired while improving their fitness level and softball skills.

Timbits Softball provides 5-10 year olds with maximum opportunity to practice the progressions necessary to successfully take part in the game of softball with a reasonable amount of skill.

Traditionally, at the 5-10 year level, Coaches are Moms and Dads with little or no coaching experience at all. This program is designed to make it easy to implement for the volunteer coach who knows a great deal about softball or who does not. It includes:

  • Prepared lesson plans
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • A letter to give to parents about the program
  • Progressions for teaching basic skills
  • Lead up games designed to simulate the real game of softball

Timbits Softball is designed to be a young person’s introduction to the sport of softball. The emphasis in on FUN, ACTION, and a POSITIVE ATOMSPHERE, with a gradual introduction to non-stressful competition. The kids will have FUN, and they will want to come back for more!


What is BlastBall?

BlastBall is a concept for introducing the basic fundamentals of softball (hitting, throwing, catching, running and fielding) and is aimed at  young children.  There are no complex rules, no umpires, not personal equipment and no ball diamond.  It is designed to put the fun back in to the game of softball and to generate fast-paced action, enthusiasm and fun.  Through its simplicity, BlastBall will allow associations to keep young players involved in the game.

BlastBall is played with equipment which is manufactured using child-safe materials; the bat and ball are made of a soft foam material, removing safety concerns that are created by aluminum bats and hard balls.  There are no equipment requirements for the children, as baseball gloves are not required to participate in the game.

Interested Softball Associations can purchase BlastBall Kits from Home Run Sports at WWW.HOMERUNSPORTS.COM.