Softball Ontario By-Laws

Strategic Plan

Slo-Pitch Umpire Program Appendices

SPUP01 SP Provincial Umpire-in-Chief Job Description February 2016
SPUP02 SP Deputy Umpire-in-Chief Tournaments February 2016
SPUP03 SP Travel Fund Policy May 2015
SPUP04 Tournament UIC Form December 2016
SPUP05 SP Provincial Umpire-in-Chief Job Description March 2013
SPUP06 SP Deputy Umpire-in-Chief Clinics February 2016
SPUP07 SP Clinic Instructor Job Description March 2012
SPUP08 SP Deputy Umpire-in-Chief Evaluations February 2016
SPUP11 Umpire Levels March 2017
SPUP12 Softball Ontario’s Officials Model December 2016
SPUP13 Canadian Championship Selection Process Janaury 2016
SPUP13b SP Selection Criteria for Canadians Rubric January 2016
SPUP15 SP Selection Process for Provincials December 2016
SPUP16a SP Application Form for Canadians December 2016
SPUP16b SP Application Form for Eliminations December 2016
SPUP17 SP Flat Fee Milage Chart March 2013
SPUP18 SP Canadian Championship Acceptance Form December 2016
SPUP19 SP Jim Bradford Award Evaluation December 2016
SPUP20 SP Rookie-of-the-Year Evaluation December 2016
SPUP21 SP Umpire-of-the-Year Evaluation December 2016
SPUP22 SP ZUIC Umpire-of-the-Year Evaluation December 2016
SPUP23 Softball Ontario Umpire Incident Report Form February 2014


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