Benefits of Being a Softball Ontario Registered Umpire:

  • Opportunity to Officiate at a regional, provincial or national tournament
  • Affiliation with Softball Canada
  • Liability and Accident Insurance coverage
  • Game assignments through local associations
  • On-Field Evaluations by qualified Softball Ontario Instructor/Evaluators to assess your performance
  • FP Umpires E-Newsletter, SP Umpires E-Newsletter, SO E-Newsletter, SO News Release


Softball Ontario’s Umpire insurance program details are outlined in the registration booklet you received upon registration. Over the years, Softball Ontario has received a number of questions regarding this program. The following highlights the common questions:

  • The accident insurance portion of this program is secondary coverage to any other Government, Individual or other type of coverage in force at the time of the accident. For example, if you have accident insurance at work, you would apply there first and then apply to Softball Ontario
  • This is not a loss of wage policy
  • If you purchased both exams in the current year, your insurance coverage is for officiating organized fast pitch and organized slo-pitch games (including exhibition)
  • If you purchased only the fast pitch exam, your insurance coverage is for officiating organized fast pitch games only (including exhibition). (See note below)
  • If you purchased FP Local only in the current year, your insurance coverage is for officiating organized fast pitch games at the local level (including exhibition and local tournaments)-See note below
  • A registered Softball Ontario umpire will still be covered under our policy even if they are working with a non-registered umpire
  • Passing or even writing the annual exam does not affect your insurance coverage

2021 Registration Information

Umpire Registration will remain closed until Softball Ontario receives permission from the Ministry to return to the diamond. Please stay tuned for instructions and other announcements regarding 2021 Umpire Registration.

Clinic Listings

Clinic TypeLocationDate
Junior DevelopmentOnline ClinicMay 29, 2021
Fast Pitch RefresherOnline ClinicMay 30, 2021
Slo-Pitch RefresherOnline ClinicMay 30, 2021

Umpire Forms

2021 Concussion Code of Conduct

2021 Release of Liability Waiver Form

Confidentiality and Conduct Agreement

Screening Disclosure Form

Slo-Pitch Umpire Event Application Form


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