General Association Policies

GA01a Softball in Ontario Organizational chart January 2017
GA01b Softball Ontario Organization Structure January 2017
GA02 Softball’s Athlete Development Pathway December 2016
GA03 National Championship Hosting Contract Policies December 2016
GA04 Privacy Policy December 2016
GA05 Confidentiality Agreement January 2020
GA06 Personal Use of Corp. Equipment & Resources December 2016
GA07 Risk Management Policy February 2016
GA08b Discipline and Complaints December 2016
GA09 Conflict of Interest Policy December 2016
GA10 Screening Policy December 2016
GA10b Screening Disclosure Form February 2020
GA11 Appeal Policy December 2016
GA12 Volunteer Application Form December 2016
GA13 Confidentiality Agreement 2 December 2016
GA14 Discrimination and Harassment December 2016
GA15 Social Media Policy December 2016
GA16 Constitution and Letter of Agreement Motion Form March 2013
GA17 Softball Ontario Reciprocation Agreement March 2014
GA18 Local Softball Association Service Fee Application December 2016
GA19 E-Commerce Policy December 2015
GA20 Concussion Policy (Please fill out form) January 2020
GA21 Accessibility March 2017
GA22 Inclusion March 2017
GA23 Anti-Doping March 2017
GA24 Annual General Meeting Documents March 2017
GA26 Impairment and Accommodation Policy March 2020
GA27 Concussion Policy October 2020

Financial Policies Appendices

FA01 General Financial Information January 2016
FA02 Financial Management and Control Policies January 2015
FA03 Budgeting Process December 2016

Code of Conduct

GA08 Code of Conduct January 2020

Softball Ontario By-Laws

Team Ontario Selection Policies

Men’s Men’s Team Ontario Selection Policy  November 2022
Women’s Women’s Team Ontario Selection Policy  March 2023


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