Slo-Pitch Umpire Clinic Policies

An umpire must take the Slo-Pitch Clinics in order

An umpire must be a fully certified Level III SP Umpire (Lv I, II FP & III FP clinic + min. 3B OFE) for two seasons before attending the Level IV Clinic as a SP umpire

An umpire who has attended the Level I, II SP, III SP & IV clinic may receive when evaluated a Level 4B OFE level for SP. An umpire will not be a National Level IV umpire, but will be recognized in Ontario as a Level IV official.

1.0 On-Field Evaluation Levels (Policy made Jan ’01 Umpire Committee Meeting)

An umpire may not advance their OFE level beyond their clinic certification level. Must have both the Lv I and II clinic before receiving your Level 2B or 2A OFE.)

2.0 Mandatory Certification Policy (POLICY MADE JAN ’01 UMPIRE COMMITTEE MEETING)

Effective starting in 2002, the Umpire’s Program started a new Mandatory Certification policy which mandates that an umpire must attend an umpires clinic ever two years.

The following are eligible clinics to comply with the Mandatory Certification Program:
A Refresher Clinic

  • Take the next highest Level Clinic in sequence to what you already have taken
  • Attend the Softball Canada Blue Convention
  • Attend a Softball Canada Mechanics clinic
  • Re-take the highest level clinic that you have (a level four may take the Level 3 clinic)

Effect – Failure to comply with the re-certification requirements an umpire will not be eligible to officiate at any Slo-pitch provincial that leads to a Canadian Championship. An umpire will also be taken off the SP Development pool listing, or if on the National Pool list, will be suspended from this list until the umpire re-certifies. While suspended from the NP, an umpire will not be eligible to be selected to officiate at a Canadian Championship by Ontario


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