One of the benefits of playing the sport of Softball is that not much equipment is needed for a beginner player.  In fact, the only piece of specialized equipment that you might have to purchase is a Softball Glove.  All of the other equipment – the bats, helmets, bases, balls, and uniforms – are provided by most Softball Associations.

Make sure you check with your local Softball Association before purchasing your equipment – if they offer the BlastBall or Learn to Play program for your child’s age group (generally ages 4-6) your child may not even need a Softball Glove yet!

Of course, as with many sports you should always make sure your child has a good pair of running shoes that provide the proper support for running.

Now your child is ready to PLAY SOFTBALL!

Approved Equipment

Softball Canada regulates the sport of softball by encouraging all leagues and players to follow established guidelines of approved equipment. With the numerous advancements in technology, notably with balls and bats, it is necessary for Softball Canada to establish standards for the safety of the players, coaches, fans and officials. Equipment standards are listed in the Softball Canada Official Rulebook, which is published every two years.

Ball Approval Program

The Softball Canada Ball Approval Program (BAP) is a yearly parameter testing program that ball manufacturers participate in to have their softballs properly tested according to Softball Canada ball standards. When purchasing balls, look for the “Approved by Softball Canada” stamp which indicates that the balls are consistent with Softball Canada`s standards. To view a list of approved softball for the current year, click on the “Approved Softballs” link in this section.

Approved Bats

With the numerous technology advancements in bats and the varied interests of several different leagues, it is difficult to track and regulate the parameters for bats. Given the fact that most Canadian suppliers receive their bats from the USA, Softball Canada follows the International Softball Federation’s (ISF) and the Amateur Softball Association’s (ASA) bat standards for Men’s and Women’s Fast Pitch, which includes a list of all approved bats for all makes and models of bats. Click on the “Approved Bats” page in this section to verify the ISF and ASA Approved bat lists.

For Men’s and Women’s Slo-Pitch, Softball Canada follows the ISF’s and the ASA’s bat standards. The list of approved ISF and ASA bats can also be found on the “Approved Bats” page in this section.

It should also be noted that Softball Canada uses a bat tester at the Canadian Slo-Pitch Championships and supplies bats at this event, and umpires also inspect bats for dents and/or modifications at all Canadian Fast Pitch Championships.

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Sizing for Softball Equipment


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